Vaal - The Psycho Doctor - PC + Quest

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The Psycho Doctor

By 1Xin

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Dissolve Effects

Multiple Hue Shifts

Physbones implemented - Including Grabbable Items

PC + Quest


28 Toggles

12 Radial Puppets

Will Make Female Partner if this does Well.

18+ When Pants are Off

-Posable Items-

A Knife and Syringe on the Harness
The Syringe can also be Injected into Vaal's Left Arm

Glasses are grabbable and can be positioned on Vaal head or over his eyes.
Simply grab at Shoulder level to Move Them.

All Items Can Float when released off the body and therefore be used as Interactions with Other Players!

In Game Menu

- Body and Hair

  • - Hair Options
    • Hair Pattern
    • Hair Colour
    • Hair Switch
    • Long or Short
  • Eye Colour
  • Tattoo Style
  • Tattoo Colour
  • - Demon Options
    • Demon Parts
    • White Demon Parts
    • Demon Skin
    • Veins
    • Vein Colour

- Clothing

  • - Formal Wear
    • Suit On
    • Suit Jackets
    • Shirts
  • - Toggles
    • Jacket On
    • Jacket White
    • Shirt Off
    • Shirts
    • Harness Off
    • Harness White
    • Shoes Off
    • Shoes White
  • Clothing Colour
  • Pants
  • Pants Switch
  • Pants Off

- Accessories

  • Head Piece Off
  • Mask On
  • Spine Off
  • Sleeve Off
  • Sleeve Off
  • Sleeve White

- Items

  • Knife Off
  • Syringe Off
  • Glasses

- Shimmer Colour

- Shimmer Options

  • Suit Jacket
  • Harness
  • Demon parts
  • Pants

- Dissolve Colour

The Quest Version Does NOT Include the Following Features:

Moving Glow Effect
Dissolve Effects
In Game Hue Shifts
Posable Items

- Rules -

~Do NOT resell avatar, even as an edited copy

~Do NOT upload to public, personal use only

~Do NOT give to other people, if you have bought it for yourself

~If gifting please link THEIR discord and vrchat name

~No Refunds

~You may use my custom textures AS LONG as you have bought the assets from the original creators (listed below) (FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY)

  • Do NOT Reuse/Resell Skull Based Tattoo on This Model.


Head - High

Fluffy Male Base - Kaycee

Hair Short - Agent M

Hair Meduim - .Odachi.

Hair Long - Miruu

Hair Cap -ZinPin

Shirt - Sketchfab - Heledahn

Jacket, Spine and Head Piece - Lestry

Shoes - PokerBlunders

Harness and Sleeve - Nauuki

Locomotion Fix - WetCat

Suit Options - It's Yukina

Glasses - RobVR

Knife And Pants- Darcy

Syringe, Mask - Eggly69

Horns and Tail - Cupcake

Skull Tattoo Design - -Ken-

18+ - Koyoinu

Custom Gestures made by me

Join my discord for any inquiries 1Xin’s Alley

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'_How To Upload PC Version_'

Step 1:

Import Attached VRCHAT SDK

Step 2:

Import Vaal PC Unity Package

'_How To UploadQuest Version_'

Step 1:

Import Attached VRCHAT SDK

Step 2:

Import Vaal Quest Unity Package

Step 3:

Switch Build Target to Quest

Step 4:

Attach Vaal PC's Blueprint ID to the Pipeline Manager

I want this!

- Vaal - The Psycho Doctor -


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